EF1 Tornado

It was a dark and stormy night on April 28 as the rain poured down in buckets. Suddenly, it sounded as if a freight train was coming into the Nature Preserve and the wind blew at speeds up to 95 mph. It was a tornado! According to the weather service, this was an EF1 tornado, staying on the ground for about a mile, snapping power line poles, uprooting trees which were hundreds of years old, and damaging buildings in its path.

Members of the Nature Preserve staff started clearing the debris from Harmony Landing Road, so that repair crews could get in to restore power.

The tornado traveled up the small valley in front of Mahan Manor, uprooting trees by the library and around the original gate to Hill ‘O Content.

The Manor itself suffered no great damage. The roof of the Field House was crushed in one corner by a large limb from the picnic tree.

The word went out to all our friends, and on Tuesday, over 365 volunteers showed up, some with chain saws and some with just willing hearts, to help clean up the debris.

It was amazing how many people responded. As soon as Charon finished talking to one person on the phone, she had three more voice messages to answer from people wanting to help. Thank you to our many friends! We would still be covered in broken limbs and trees without your wonderful response!