Is It Spring?

Harbinger of Spring

It’s still February, right? According to the calendar, it’s still winter, right? Well, my walk today indicates that spring is earlier than you would think! Harbinger of Spring, of course, is one of the earliest wild flowers to bloom here at the Nature Preserve. Other wild flowers are starting to show their little heads too! In fact, Tavia is considering moving the Wild Flower Walk to March.

First Trillium of the Year
First Rue Anemone of the Year
Hellebore and Honeybee
Field Sparrow

Field Sparrows are singing in the fields…

Red-slider Turtle

…and the turtles are hoping for some sun while they perch on logs in the frog pond.

Turkey-tail Fungus

We have lots of dead trees, and the fungi and taking care of helping them to decay in their slow patient way.

American Kestrel Nest Box

Have you noticed the tall poles in our open meadows? We hope to attract American Kestrels (a small falcon) to nest in them. The smaller box on the same pole has small openings for bats to use. Cub Scout Pack 984  made the nest boxes and donated them to the Preserve.