Field House

  Field House

The Field House is an open and sunny single-story building that is the most popular rental building at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve! It has a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a coat closet, overhead fans, HVAC, and French doors that open to a picnic table area. It is also accessible by wheelchair ramps.

Weather permitting, many groups like to offer buffet meals indoors and have their guests eat at the picnic tables nearby.

Field-House-Wedding-Reception-DinnerTables600px 2
Maximum seating
– 40

CostNon-profit group: $50.00 for 4 hours, $80.00 for 8 hours or all day
Note: Cleaning deposit required

For-Profit/Private group: $90.00 for 4 hours, $150.00 for 8 hours or all day.
Note: Cleaning deposit required

Please note that all renters must follow the guidelines (posted on the refrigerator) for cleaning up when finished with the facility.

Note: The Field House books far in advance, so if you’d like to reserve it, please call as soon as possible. Check our Calendar page to see if your tentative date is available. Click for more information on the rental fees.

To make a reservation: Call (502) 228-4362 or email

Reservation Deposit:
A 25% reservation deposit minimum is required 1 month prior to the scheduled rental date. The balance of the rental fee must be paid in full at least 1 week prior to the scheduled rental date.
Environmental Impact Refundable Deposit: $50 deposit is required if you will be using inflatables or tents. If the grounds are left undamaged and a Staff member approves, then this amount will be refunded.
Cancellation: A 1 month notice ensures full refund of funds; less than 1 month notice will cost 25% of rental fee or reservation deposit.
Cleaning Deposit: A separate $50.00 (check or cash) “cleaning deposit” is required for rental of the Field House to be paid in full with the rental fee, a minimum of 1 week in advance of the rental date. The $50.00 cleaning deposit will be returned in full once Staff has inspected the Field House (within 24 hours), to ensure the cleaning requirements have been met.
Cooking Area/Food Preparation: All cooking and food preparation is restricted solely to the Field House Kitchen or the grill just outside the Field House. Electrical appliances, grills, or other methods of cooking or food preparation are not allowed in any other location.

We would like to thank Lumber Liquidators
for donating the LVT Tile for the field house.
It looks absolutely wonderful.