Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Fire Circle

The Fire Pit is a wonderful place to gather and cook meals, tell stories, warm up in cool weather, and promote fellowship. Renters of the Fire Pit MUST make previous arrangements with staff at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve and follow strict fire regulations. For more details, please call the office at (502) 228-4362.

The Fire Pit may be rented alone or as part of a camping trip.

Cost: Camping Area $2.50 per person for 4 hours/ $40.00 minimum* for 8 hours or overnight. *Service Project Suggested
Fire Pit $25.00 Per night
Environmental Impact Refundable Deposit: $50 deposit is required for rental of the campground and/or fire pit. Note, if you are renting both the campground and the fire pit, you will only be charged once. This amount will be refunded upon inspection after your group leaves. This will ensure a “leave no trace” event!

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